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Digital Marketing

Check out our full-suite marketing solution if you would like to have a more in-depth package for your company.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

If you need constant design, advertising, social media, branding & strategy assistance but don‘t have the funds or time to hire an entire team of quality marketing professionals, we have a solution for you.

Our unique solutions allow customers to scale, adapt to the monthly ebbs and flows, and never have to worry about in-house training and the added costs of benefits, CPP, office space, and hardware when hiring employees. Get a variety of expert marketing services without the hassle.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

We develop brands that go beyond the surface to help better direct your company for the future.
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Branding is the foundation of your marketing efforts. Without a clear brand, your company will have a difficult time reaching the audience you want, and money will be needlessly wasted. Branding is the core expression of your company: values, products, services and communications.

Your brand encourages people to eventually buy a product or book a service. Advertising helps draw people to your company, but it is the brand that converts those leads to customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer a no-nonsense option for ranking higher in search engines, giving you great organic traffic.
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Search engine optimization can be an ethereal thing for some business owners. You pay someone and hope that your website starts to rank higher on google, bing, yahoo, etc. Rather than a pay and pray approach to SEO, we walk through our strategy and educate you on exactly what optimizing your website actually entails.

Copywriting & Keyword Strategy

Communicating the ins and outs of your company, services with others can be difficult, get a writer.
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Talk is cheap, but quality content isn’t. Copywriting is not only the core of communication, but it’s the primary resource your potential clients will use when considering your services. Design and branding may draw clients in, but clean, precise copy that provides direct information is what keeps their attention and connects them with substance and style.

Copywriting is what compels your clients to take action.

The quality of your content – its clarity, persuasiveness, and ability to connect potential clients with your brand – is what your audience engages with.  Whether you want to construct a website with clear and simple copy, maintain a blog that keeps your customers coming back for more, to generate compelling product description, create content for newsletters, publish in-depth white papers, or just want to ensure you’re communicating as clearly as possible, we can help.

Social Media Management

We offer tailormade solutions that go beyond the typical “one size fits all” management solutions.
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We have a network of social media influencers that can coach anything from corporate accounts to individual lifestyle brands.

If you would rather have our team handle the day to day posting and management, we offer compelling and unique management that goes beyond the copy and paste posting of many companies. Stop getting posts that don’t relate to your company and get something that is uniquely yours at a competitive price.

Website Design & Management

Through our interviews and questionnaires, we build a website that will meet your exact needs.
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Msquare Marketing utilizes a well-designed project methodology that gives importance to each and every phase of the project life cycle. We assess and take all the necessary steps required to successfully complete the project to our client’s satisfaction. In our approach, we incorporate best practices that are widely accepted industry standards for analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and support.

PPC Advertising

We offer Pay Per Click Ad creation and management that is perfect for small to medium sized companies.
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Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, we can help. With our pay-per-click advertising solutions, you can start generating leads that have a noticeable impact on your company. Rather than promising you the world and giving you nothing to show, we walk you through how pay-per-click advertising works, ensure that you understand where your money is going, what it’s doing, and how to handle leads before we go ahead with any strategy.

Whether you’re advertising locally or globally, Msquare can help you achieve a greater understanding of the pay-per-click market.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing campaigns, implementation of small scale CRMs, API integrations, and much more.
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At Msquare we can help you reduce time spent doing menial tasks through modern automation systems. We can set up effective email marketing campaigns for your business, implement small-scale CRMs and integrate your software.

Marketing automation can be a new concept for many small businesses, but it is commonly used by medium and large-scale companies. Whether it is creating email marketing campaigns, following up with a new lead, encouraging a review of your company or even implementing new software to help you manage your leads, we offer solutions that help save you time and stay on top of your daily tasks.

Workshops & Training

We help you through the transition and training of hiring your new full-time marketing employee.
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We love seeing your company grow to the point of hiring your own internal marketing team! In order to make that transition easier, we offer training and workshops to get your new employees trained and up to date with what we have done during the length of our marketing relationship.

We will transfer accounts, transfer files and ensure that the in-house implementation goes smoothly by being available by phone for the next couple of months free of charge!